My Name is Susan Gascoine and I am walking from Renmark to Adelaide for Cystic Fibrosis, from April 16th to May 22rd 2016.   We have an 9 year old Granddaughter who has CF and this is a way I feel I can do something to make a difference.

Ever since our granddaughter was born I have been wondering what I could do to raise money to help with research and the people with CF, ¬†and while sitting with my dying mother in May I decided that I am wasting my time thinking, I need to ACT NOW. ¬†Walking¬†is¬†something my mother loved doing¬†and it was as though she was telling me to “do it now!” So here I am asking for your help to raise the $10,000 goal I have set.

My aim is to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and at the same time $10,000 to help fund research into a cure and also to help people who are already suffering.  Come and  join me for any amount of time be it an hour or two, a day or longer, your company and efforts would be very gratefully appreciated. So why not consider getting a team together!!  If you can’t join me a donation would be a great help.

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common inherited, life threatening disorder in Australia.  More than 300 South Australians living with CF require significant daily medications and physiotherapy and frequent hospitalisation.  It is a seriously life-limiting condition for which there is currently no cure.  Despite major advances in the treatment of CF, only 50% of those born with this condition currently reach their late thirties.  We need to have much more research into finding a cure for this terrible disease.


Where I am walking

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Walk plan for 2017

I have decided to call my next walks ” Susan Strides 4CF ” Thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas. So now starts the planning and getting of sponsorship.

This is what I am planning for 2017 PROVIDED I GET SPONSORSHIP .
I will start at Murray Bridge and go on down the river to Meningie, then back up and around Lake Alexandrina,  Strathalbyn, Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island then back up through Encounter Bay, Victor Harbour,Yankallila, Willunga and then over to the beach (Aldinga) and wend my way back that way (kinda sorta!!) I will make sure I am in Victor Harbour for Easter and arrive at Adelaide Oval on April 30th.

My next walk :-)

My next walk will be about 420km

WHEN:                       March 25th to April 30th 2017

Details:                       Departing Murray Bridge

Arriving at Adelaide Oval

GOAL:                        RAISE $15,000 and better awareness of Cystic Fibrosis


July 13th 2016

Just to let all of you who are expecting receipts, I have been rather slow getting the addresses out to CFSA and Cur4CF for your receipts, but they do have them now and hopefully you will get them soon.

I have had trouble finding some addresses and then some big problems with my eyes but all is well now.


I am planning my next walk for 2017 if I can get sponsorship, but it will have to be a different name as I will walk a new route.

Hand Over Day

June 16th (Thursday) 2016

Well today I had the satisfaction of handing over the balance of more than $16,000 to CFSA and Cure4CF and what a great feeling that is!! ūüôā

I hope my efforts and the funds will go along way to helping people with CF



Hand Over Eve

June 15th (Wednesday) 2016

My final tally to date is $17,714.98 from which I am taking $1,500 towards our expenses of $5,000. I had been advised to take all expenses but I don’t want to do that, however, ¬†fuel for the car was expensive, plus public Liability insurance and the advertising was very expensive.

I will continue to take donations as long as anyone wants to donate, and I will regularly divide the money between CFSA & Cure4CF.

Post Script

June 3 2016

It is now 2 weeks since I finished my walk and the money is still coming in. If you have any outstanding donations that you have collected would you please forward them tome either by the bank account or Everyday Hero.  The tally is now at $17,000 which is so far over my original hopes!!!

I will be handing over the money at CFSA on June 15th who will then pass over %0% to Cure4CF .

I would like to say how much I have appreciate all of your wonderful support and the financially but more importantly  the wonderful spirit of the people I have met along the way I wish I could be friends with you all.

I believe that we all carry a little of the people  we meet in life and I have certainly learnt a lot from all of  you. In a time when we only hear about the dreadful things which happen in our society it is wonderful to be reiminded that the good and kind still out number the rest.

Once again a very BIG THANK YOU

Day 37

22nd May (Sunday)  2016

Linden Park to Peace Park Nth Adelaide  8kms



I finally did it! I hope I have made a difference in the world this year!!

I finished the last 8kms into North Adelaide at 12md today just as the rain started!! ¬†I couldn’t have timed it better to finish as far as the weather is concerned.

I can’t believe I have finished and have raised close to $15,000, it has been an amazing journey and I have met many amazing people along the way, all of whom I would love to remain in touch with, but I believe¬†that people to come into your life at the time you need them, leave a little of themselves behind and continue on. I know they have left their marks with me.

Amongst the things I have learnt on my walk besides, make sure you have a good phone service and which trees make good  pee places, is that I have come to realize that if a disease doesn’t strike you down in the prime of your life people don’t think it is of great significance, and that a 69 yr old is not a very sexy person to promote anything on public media.

The number of people who have had and association with CF is overwhelming, be it that they themselves have CF, or family  members, friends, school mates  or just other people in their communities, so I have found it is far more  common than I realized.  It has also become even more evident to me that CF HAS to become more prominent in our community; if as one person I have made a difference  then that is fantastic.

Thank you all so very much you have taught me a lot in the past 5 weeks and more importantly your have shown me what I have always believed, the best people out there are the ones you never hear about because they are  busy living your lives and helping others.

Most importantly, THANK YOU to every single one of you who have helped me along the way with support, encouragement, thanks and donations.  Without you none of this would have been possible, we are all a part of a very big team and together we can make a difference.

Thank you to my wonderful family who have been behind me all the time and encouraging me whenever I had doubts about what I was planning to do. Chris who was with me all along, who took care of me and walked with me when ever he could especially when I was walking alone, he would ‘leap frog’ with the car and catch up with me again and again, he too has walked about 2/3 of the the way with me. ¬†My girls and their husbands and family, Emma & Luke with Tehya and Justin and Amelia and Jarrod who came up to camp and walk every weekend; Amelia for a week, I thank you so very much all I can say is I love you all so very much, I couldn’t have done it with out your support and help.

To Craig who had his own reasons for walking but who gave me so much encouragement , it was a privilege to walk with you, I wish you and your family nothing but the best in lives.

To all the people who have helped along the way a very big thank you.

Cure4CF with Kerry Southwell and CFSA with Leane Davies and Nicky Titchener, thanks you for all your advise and help along the way.

Magill Sunrise Rotary Club and  Ionian Club Adelaide 83 Inc for being my sponsors

Rotary Club of Renmark;  Renmark Paringa Walkers; Tash and the crew at Riverside Cafe;

Riverbend Cafe Berri;  Mid Murray Council and Mannum Caravan Park;

All the people who joined me on my walk, all the people who stopped and thanked me, those who stopped  and gave me donations and those who came looking for me on the road just to make a donation and to say thank you. Your are the reason I was doing this walk, as you have all been touched by CF in a greater or lesser degree, but touched and affected.

If I have forgotten anyone here I will remember and update each day until I have thanked you all.


Days 35 & 36

May 2oth & 21st

Friday the 20th was the day of the Quiz Night which was organised wonderfully by the Ionian Clubs of Adelaide, Many, many thanks to Sam and the ladies of the Adelaide 83 Club who I know have worked really hard to make the evening the great success that it was, I am really humbled by your efforts to help me raise the money for CF.  Sam you have been so supportive, thank you so much, enjoy you wonderful  holiday.

Saturday we had to open up the very wet tent and get it dried out before the rain comes. the inside was even wet by the time we gotto it and we have had to remove the mattress and bedding to be washed too.

Had to clean up the house because Channel 7 have decided to do a live segment from our home tomorrow night.

I will walk my last 8kms tomorrow from a cafe at 89 Devereux Road Linden Park.


Day 34

May 19th (Thursday) 2016

Bridgewater to Linden Park   18.5km


Today Chris and I walked from Bridgewater to Linden Park, via the Pioneer Women’s trail ¬†from Crafers (18.5kms). Chris and I left the car at Glen Osmond and got the bus up to Bridgewater to walk from there together, Chris has walked about 2/3 of the way with me in between being the support car driver and keeping me safe, it has been a great thing to do with him and of course it goes without saying that without his help I could not have done this. ¬† It was a lovely day for walking not much wind and cool, and we got lovely¬†responses from most of the people and businesses we approached, thank you all very much.

I ended my walk where I will take it up again on Sunday May 22nd¬† at ‘Spill the Beans’ cafe at¬† 89 Devereux Rd, Linden Park, ¬†Adelaide SA 5065 Leaving at 9.30am to leave enough time to arrive at Peace park at 12MD¬†¬†to remind you Peace Park is at the¬†Cnr Frome Rd and Sir Edwin Smith Avenue¬†¬†North Adelaide.


Day 33

May 18 (Wednesday) 2016

No walk today = rest day!?

Did housekeeping things today, much needed laundry and other running around………..but no walking¬†my feet are very happy today!! ūüôā

Tomorrow we plan to leave Bridgwater about 10.30am ( I have a hairdressing appointment at 9am) and walk down to Devereux Road, Beaumont, hopefully making it to ‘Spill The Beans’ ¬†cafe, which the walking girls will know!

On Sunday I will leave from that stopping place at 9.30am and go to the Peace Park by 12 MD


If you would like any further information you can email renmarktocity4cf@internode.on.net