Walk plan for 2017

I have decided to call my next walks ” Susan Strides 4CF ” Thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas. So now starts the planning and getting of sponsorship.

This is what I am planning for 2017 PROVIDED I GET SPONSORSHIP .
I will start at Murray Bridge and go on down the river to Meningie, then back up and around Lake Alexandrina,  Strathalbyn, Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island then back up through Encounter Bay, Victor Harbour,Yankallila, Willunga and then over to the beach (Aldinga) and wend my way back that way (kinda sorta!!) I will make sure I am in Victor Harbour for Easter and arrive at Adelaide Oval on April 30th.

My next walk :-)

My next walk will be about 420km

WHEN:                       March 25th to April 30th 2017

Details:                       Departing Murray Bridge

Arriving at Adelaide Oval

GOAL:                        RAISE $15,000 and better awareness of Cystic Fibrosis


July 13th 2016

Just to let all of you who are expecting receipts, I have been rather slow getting the addresses out to CFSA and Cur4CF for your receipts, but they do have them now and hopefully you will get them soon.

I have had trouble finding some addresses and then some big problems with my eyes but all is well now.


I am planning my next walk for 2017 if I can get sponsorship, but it will have to be a different name as I will walk a new route.

Hand Over Day

June 16th (Thursday) 2016

Well today I had the satisfaction of handing over the balance of more than $16,000 to CFSA and Cure4CF and what a great feeling that is!! ūüôā

I hope my efforts and the funds will go along way to helping people with CF



Hand Over Eve

June 15th (Wednesday) 2016

My final tally to date is $17,714.98 from which I am taking $1,500 towards our expenses of $5,000. I had been advised to take all expenses but I don’t want to do that, however, ¬†fuel for the car was expensive, plus public Liability insurance and the advertising was very expensive.

I will continue to take donations as long as anyone wants to donate, and I will regularly divide the money between CFSA & Cure4CF.

Post Script

June 3 2016

It is now 2 weeks since I finished my walk and the money is still coming in. If you have any outstanding donations that you have collected would you please forward them tome either by the bank account or Everyday Hero.  The tally is now at $17,000 which is so far over my original hopes!!!

I will be handing over the money at CFSA on June 15th who will then pass over %0% to Cure4CF .

I would like to say how much I have appreciate all of your wonderful support and the financially but more importantly  the wonderful spirit of the people I have met along the way I wish I could be friends with you all.

I believe that we all carry a little of the people  we meet in life and I have certainly learnt a lot from all of  you. In a time when we only hear about the dreadful things which happen in our society it is wonderful to be reiminded that the good and kind still out number the rest.

Once again a very BIG THANK YOU

Day 37

22nd May (Sunday)  2016

Linden Park to Peace Park Nth Adelaide  8kms



I finally did it! I hope I have made a difference in the world this year!!

I finished the last 8kms into North Adelaide at 12md today just as the rain started!! ¬†I couldn’t have timed it better to finish as far as the weather is concerned.

I can’t believe I have finished and have raised close to $15,000, it has been an amazing journey and I have met many amazing people along the way, all of whom I would love to remain in touch with, but I believe¬†that people to come into your life at the time you need them, leave a little of themselves behind and continue on. I know they have left their marks with me.

Amongst the things I have learnt on my walk besides, make sure you have a good phone service and which trees make good  pee places, is that I have come to realize that if a disease doesn’t strike you down in the prime of your life people don’t think it is of great significance, and that a 69 yr old is not a very sexy person to promote anything on public media.

The number of people who have had and association with CF is overwhelming, be it that they themselves have CF, or family  members, friends, school mates  or just other people in their communities, so I have found it is far more  common than I realized.  It has also become even more evident to me that CF HAS to become more prominent in our community; if as one person I have made a difference  then that is fantastic.

Thank you all so very much you have taught me a lot in the past 5 weeks and more importantly your have shown me what I have always believed, the best people out there are the ones you never hear about because they are  busy living your lives and helping others.

Most importantly, THANK YOU to every single one of you who have helped me along the way with support, encouragement, thanks and donations.  Without you none of this would have been possible, we are all a part of a very big team and together we can make a difference.

Thank you to my wonderful family who have been behind me all the time and encouraging me whenever I had doubts about what I was planning to do. Chris who was with me all along, who took care of me and walked with me when ever he could especially when I was walking alone, he would ‘leap frog’ with the car and catch up with me again and again, he too has walked about 2/3 of the the way with me. ¬†My girls and their husbands and family, Emma & Luke with Tehya and Justin and Amelia and Jarrod who came up to camp and walk every weekend; Amelia for a week, I thank you so very much all I can say is I love you all so very much, I couldn’t have done it with out your support and help.

To Craig who had his own reasons for walking but who gave me so much encouragement , it was a privilege to walk with you, I wish you and your family nothing but the best in lives.

To all the people who have helped along the way a very big thank you.

Cure4CF with Kerry Southwell and CFSA with Leane Davies and Nicky Titchener, thanks you for all your advise and help along the way.

Magill Sunrise Rotary Club and  Ionian Club Adelaide 83 Inc for being my sponsors

Rotary Club of Renmark;  Renmark Paringa Walkers; Tash and the crew at Riverside Cafe;

Riverbend Cafe Berri;  Mid Murray Council and Mannum Caravan Park;

All the people who joined me on my walk, all the people who stopped and thanked me, those who stopped  and gave me donations and those who came looking for me on the road just to make a donation and to say thank you. Your are the reason I was doing this walk, as you have all been touched by CF in a greater or lesser degree, but touched and affected.

If I have forgotten anyone here I will remember and update each day until I have thanked you all.


Days 35 & 36

May 2oth & 21st

Friday the 20th was the day of the Quiz Night which was organised wonderfully by the Ionian Clubs of Adelaide, Many, many thanks to Sam and the ladies of the Adelaide 83 Club who I know have worked really hard to make the evening the great success that it was, I am really humbled by your efforts to help me raise the money for CF.  Sam you have been so supportive, thank you so much, enjoy you wonderful  holiday.

Saturday we had to open up the very wet tent and get it dried out before the rain comes. the inside was even wet by the time we gotto it and we have had to remove the mattress and bedding to be washed too.

Had to clean up the house because Channel 7 have decided to do a live segment from our home tomorrow night.

I will walk my last 8kms tomorrow from a cafe at 89 Devereux Road Linden Park.


Day 34

May 19th (Thursday) 2016

Bridgewater to Linden Park   18.5km


Today Chris and I walked from Bridgewater to Linden Park, via the Pioneer Women’s trail ¬†from Crafers (18.5kms). Chris and I left the car at Glen Osmond and got the bus up to Bridgewater to walk from there together, Chris has walked about 2/3 of the way with me in between being the support car driver and keeping me safe, it has been a great thing to do with him and of course it goes without saying that without his help I could not have done this. ¬† It was a lovely day for walking not much wind and cool, and we got lovely¬†responses from most of the people and businesses we approached, thank you all very much.

I ended my walk where I will take it up again on Sunday May 22nd¬† at ‘Spill the Beans’ cafe at¬† 89 Devereux Rd, Linden Park, ¬†Adelaide SA 5065 Leaving at 9.30am to leave enough time to arrive at Peace park at 12MD¬†¬†to remind you Peace Park is at the¬†Cnr Frome Rd and Sir Edwin Smith Avenue¬†¬†North Adelaide.


Day 33

May 18 (Wednesday) 2016

No walk today = rest day!?

Did housekeeping things today, much needed laundry and other running around………..but no walking¬†my feet are very happy today!! ūüôā

Tomorrow we plan to leave Bridgwater about 10.30am ( I have a hairdressing appointment at 9am) and walk down to Devereux Road, Beaumont, hopefully making it to ‘Spill The Beans’ ¬†cafe, which the walking girls will know!

On Sunday I will leave from that stopping place at 9.30am and go to the Peace Park by 12 MD

Day 32

Mount Barker to Bridgewater

May 17th (Tuesday) 2016

= 407.5kms

Today I walked from Mount Barker to Bridgewater and that was when my legs gave up, they just didn’t want to go any further so I have realised that after 12 days without a break it is time for a day off tomorrow, and that is just what I will do….REST

It looks as thought I can do the second last walk on Thursday and then be rested for Sunday, I still have trouble believing I have walked all that distance!!

Day 31

Finished Mannum to Murray Bridge

May 16th (Monday)  2016

402kms  (adjusted after adding up properly,so need to go back over the other pages at some time :-] )

I can now say I have completed every step between Renmark and Mount Barker ūüôā ¬†and I have to say it feels great to know I have done it.

We packed up our camp this morning and said goodbye to beautiful Mannum.  I have to commend the Caravan park staff for their friendliness and helpfulness as well as the cleanliness of this Park, it was a pleasure to stay there and will definitely be back for some R&R in the not very distant future.

The weather has been dry all the rime Ihave been walking, but it chose to rain as we tried packing up our tent trailer = dirt and mud plus wet canvas, Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!!!

I completed my walk in a little over 2 hours averaging 5.6km per hour, so I am really pleased.

Tomorrow I will walk from the Beyond Bank in Mount Barker to Stirling (I hope) leaving there about 10.15am.

Day 30

15th May ( Sunday) 2016

Murray Bridge to Monarto Zoo


We returned to camp this morning, early, and then went back to Murray Bridge to meet Emma, Tehya, Michelle, Mandy and Amelia and set off in the direction of Monarto Zoo, the walk itself took about 4 hours, but we did stop and ask for donations in many stores along the way until we left Murray Bridge. Many thanks to all who donated.

The walk itself was unremarkable but the company was good, thank you Michelle and Mandy for joining us, and it will lovely to see you again on Sunday at peace park or walking to there with me if you are able to make it, wouldn’t it be great if everyone who has walked with me along the way was able to walk in with me, you are all heros and have all helped to keep me going, thank you so very much.

Tomorrow I will do the last ‘fill in’ between Mannum and Murray Bridge and then on Tuesday I will set off fromthe Beyond Bank in Mouth Barker, 22-28 Hutchinson St, Mount Barker SA 5251 at about 10-10.30am and walk to Stirling. ¬†Wednesday will be Stirling to as far as I can make it (hopefully Linden Park) then I will be finished except for Sunday ūüôā


Day 29

May 14th  (Saturday) 2016

Finish the Walker Flat to Purnong Road Corner


SEt off early this morning to finish the above section, which leaves only 15km to the Murray Bridge section and I will be caught up with what I wasn’t able to do when the car was off the road ūüôā

I did this section in under 2hours which was great. We then set off for home and the Rotary Club birthday dinner. We have decided to sleep here and go back to Mannum early tomorrow morning.

Managed to fit in a much needed massage with the Chinese man in Magill, who is excellent and my legs feel so much better.

Tomorrow we walk the 15km from Murray Bridge Information centre to Monarto Zoo.

Day 28

May 13th 2016   Friday

Dawsley to Mount Barker


Today was a short walk for us after the past few days. ¬†We arrived in Mt Barker a little bit earlier that expected which upset the time table a bit but no-one really minded, I don’t think, it is really hard to time yourself when you don’t know how fast you can walk each day, but today, having¬†had a good sleep and the weather was perfect for walking we made better time than I thought we would.

We got a fabulous reception by the team of Beyond Bank in Mount Barker along with Georgina McGuinness and a camera man ( I am embarrassed to say I can’t remember his name right now).Anna and the ¬†Beyond Bank Community Department held a BBQ and a raffle for us and raised a little over $700 for us which is a fabulous effort assisted by donations for the raffle from the local businesses, ¬†TO YOU ALL I SAY A VERY BIG SINCERE ‘THANK YOU’. It means so much to me that you have even taken the interest, and knowing that the community is also ¬†so willing to help. Keep up the good work that you do.

More importantly we said au revoir to the beautiful Craig Delany who finished his walk with me today, I thank you Craig for all your humour and encouragement and I will try to keep up the pace you set for the rest of my walk. We wish you and Jessica all the very best for the impending birth of your second son in the very near future, Love to you both and of course Jackson. ¬†Make sure the Adelaide win tonight you two boys!! ūüôā

I had planned to do some walking tomorrow, but my body says ‘please rest’ so I will listen to it and have a rest day before walking on Sunday. ¬†I will be having another interview on Sunday which should be fun I think.

So the next part of the walk is from the Community information Centre in Murray Bridge 18 Beatty Terrace MURRAY BRIDGE SA 5253 at 10am heading for the Monarto Zoo along the Old Princes Highway.

Day 27

May 12th 2016  (Thursday)

Monarto South Zoo Entrance to Dawsley


Today was another biggy! ¬†Chris, Craig and I met with Sam Eames again and she walked with us the distance of 26kms to Dawsley in the Adelaide Hills on the Old Sturt Highway. ¬†It was another windy day and that made it quite challenging for 20kms until Chris suggested we go to the finish and walk with the wind behind us!!!! which we did for 6kms back to where we where at the time of Chris’ suggestion, don’t know why we didn’t think of it earlier ?!?!!

The hills are very steep and the change in scenery is interesting and we are seeing more farm animals, the sheep are amusing because the all look up and follow us with their eyes for as far as they can.

I am extremely tired tonight so that plus tomorrow is Craig’s last day with me it was a very ¬†good excuse to go out to dinner at the Mannum Club!!

We had hoped to meet up with some Ionian ladies for lunch but no-one came so that was disappointing, especially for Sam who tried very hard to arrange it.

Tomorrow Chris, Craig and I set of from Dawsley for Mount Barker a distance of only 12.5km, (because we had re-arranged out schedule), but I am quite pleased because the feet are very tired and sore and I now have blisters under blisters on my heels, and I can finally have a bit of a sleep in ….Yippee!!!! ¬†Since we don’t need to be there until 3pm (which was my nominated time before schedule change) ¬†we will leave Dawsley at about 12md arriving at The Beyond Bank in Morphett Street Mt Barker, at 3pm.

Saturday I hope to go back and fill in some unfinished bits due to lost time with the car debarcle.

Sunday we will walk from the Visitor Information Centre Murray Bridge and hopefullly make it to Monarto Zoo entrance about 14kms

Day 26

May 11th 2016 (Wednesday)    Weather cool

Mannum towards Murray Bridge  (20)


Today we set off from the information centre Mannum and headed towards Murray Bridge, we had an extra walker today named Karen who lives in Mannum and has a son with CF. Everyday I meet someone who has either a relative or friend with CF or knows someone with it, so it is amazing to me that there is not more awareness or knowledge of CF out in the community. ¬†I have come to the conclusion that because it is not an acquired disease which ‘strikes down’ an otherwise healthy person, people are not very interested to learn more about it, but by jove a few more people are aware of it ¬†now, and I will do my best to make even more aware!

We walked 20kms and then returned to base to get ready for The Rotary Club Mobilong meeting at 6pm. ¬†WE enjoyed the meeting and catching up with people we met at the recent Conference in Renmark. I was the guest speaker and hope I didn’t do too badly, it is always hard to know, how ever the club and it’s members where very generous with their donations, for which I am very grateful. I am now very close to my minimum target! Perhaps I had better raise it to $15,000 now!

Tomorrow we are walking from the Monarto Zoo entrance at 9am, stopping for lunch in Kanmantoo around 12-12.30, and then a bit further for an hour or two in the afternoon.  So see you there if you are planning on joining us.

Friday we continue from where we leave off tomorrow and go into Mt Barker by 3pm

On Saturday we will be finishing the Road from Walker Flat to the Purnong Road corner and then maybe a bit more of the Mannum to Murray Bridge Road which will otherwise be finished on Sunday and the continuing on to the Monato Zoo entrance.  I will then have caught up on some lost time last week and just have the Adelaide hills leg to finish which I will do from home next week.  We leave Mannum for Magill on Monday.

Day 25

May 10th (Tuesday) 2016                           18 degrees

Walker Flat to Purnong Road corner


Well I have to say that the weather and my feet finally defeated me today!!! ūüôĀ We managed just 7kms walking into very strong head winds and after yesterdays efforts it proved too much for this Old Gal and I had to call it a day and get¬†some R&R.

On top of that we had all the dirt to clean out of the tent/trailer and bedding needed to be washed as it was full of sand too, it got into everything.  I left the two boys to sweep out the tent and Chris to hang out the washing and I headed for a well needed leg massage, and very soon I will be in bed for along sleep before tomorrow, and hopefully the blisters will be feeling better tomorrow.

We will be leaving from the visitor information centre in Mannum at 9am, and we will see how far we get in the direction of Murray Bridge.

Day 24

May 9th  (Monday)   2016     Temp = about 17c

Swan Reach to Walker Flat


If anyone had told me a few weeks ago that there would be a gale blowing today, I would have said I would NOT walk, if they told me that I would walk 32km I would have just laugh and said ” No way”. ¬†Well how wrong can you be!!

Today Craig Delany and I walked from Swan Reach to Walker Flat = 32km in gale force winds of up to about 85km/hr,  I think I have half of the top soil of SA in my hair tonight!!  It was hard going but we did it 7 hours with a total of about an hour of breaks in that time. We had a free derma-abrasion treatment on the route.  I was quite concerned about Craig being his first day walking with me , but he seems to be doing well tonight.

The weather was truly dreadful, we couldn’t see the hills for dust and sometimes we couldn’t see the end of the road, as well as being blown around, but the hardest part was coming into the Walker Flat ferry when it was head on and and really strong indeed.

Craig says ‘Thank you weather gods for the free ex-foliation’

We got back to camp to find it looked like a disaster zone, many branches down cars and cabins damaged but luckily our tent was not really harmed although Craig’s tent has a small tear in it. The Mannum Council has very, very kindly let us have a cabin for tonight (as we are under some very questionable trees) free of charge, Thank you very much from Chris, Craig and myself, the country generosity continues.

Tomorrow we plan to walk from Walker’s Flat to the turn off we got to on Sunday = 15kms, starting at about 10.00 am from the General store by the ferry crossing, because we need to move our stuff back to our camp.


Day 23

May 8 (Mothers Day)   2016          21 degrees overcast a cool drizzle = perfect walking weather

Mannum to Walkers Flat turn off

277.5 + 15.5 = 277.5km

Today we went backwards in that we walked from Mannum to the turn off to Walkers Flat because after yesterday’s walk and because of the awful weather we had last night we thought it better to stay close to Mannum, and of course the view is so much prettier than what we have had in the past few days.

We had gale force winds here last night and we truly thought our trailer would be blown apart and at about 4am took refuge inthe car for about an hour, but the trailer stayed upright and we we able to get up to walk, all-be-it a bit on the tired side and a bit slow, so we didn’t set out until 11am but finished our 15km in less that 5 hours even with a lunch break. ¬†Today Amelia, Jarrod and Sam Eames joined me ¬†which was great and I am very surprised I lasted the distance, I think it was because it has been so much cooler, the weather I had planned on fright from the start.¬†Thank you Sam it was lovely to have you along, the chatter made the kms go much faster, I hope you aren’t too tired for your dinner tonight.¬†Thank you Sam it was lovely to have you along, the chatter made the kms go much faster, I hope you aren’t too tired for your dinner tonight.

Craig Delany arrived this afternoon to walk with me for the next week, thanks you Jessica for doing with out him during his break, and please ¬†tell baby to wait a bit long ūüôā ¬†thanks.

Tomorrow Chris, Craig and I will set off from Swan Reach as early as we can hopefully about 9am and see how far we can make it.

Can’t think about much more now so will edit this later as I remember of things.

Day 22

May 7th (Saturday)   2016

Blanchetown to SwanReach

217 + 30.5 = 248kms

Well, what a big day!!!!  Emma and Family and Amelia came up to walk with me today.  We met at the Blanchetown Road house and then set off for the road to Swan Reach where Georgina and Andy joined us for about 3 hours before going on to support there daughters at Caudo winery for the Enduro Challenge.

But….. wait for it……..we did a whopping 27km walk today!!! ūüôā ¬†and my feet and legs are really complaining tonight. ¬†otherwise the walk was great with lower temperatures and a bit of a breeze it was great for walking and it was wonderful having my family with me just to keep me going, although I am not sure I will try it every day as I am totally exhausted tonight!

Thank you to Georgina and Andy who left a very generous gift card for us at the Mannum community Club for dinner.  How do you say thank you adequately to the generous people we have met along the way?

If I knew how to upload photos on this blog I would do so, but you will have to go to Facebook to see them.

Tomorrow I need to sleep in and as Amelia, and friend Sam Eames will be here to walk, Ihave decided to do part of the Mannum – Walker’s Flat stretch which is very pretty and if it rains too hard and we have to get back here quickly it won’t be too hard to do.

So it is 10am from the Mannum Caravan Park tomorrow if anyone else is thinking of joining us.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the Mums out there. It is a bitter sweet day for me as it is exactly one year since I went up to Brisbane to sit with my Mum before she died on the 13th.

Day 21

May 6th (Friday)   2016                                      27C

Murbko to 2km from Blanchetown on the Sturt Highway   Tomorrow I start from there at the Blanchetown service station on the Sturt hwy just at the Blanchetown turn off

193.5 + 24.5 = 218km

Today we started really early today got up at 5am and was on the road by 8.30 while it was still cool.  the heat reflected off the road is quite a few degrees warmer the the air temp.

Most of the 18km was on one very long straight road with not much vegetation and a lot of sand around it, with the occasional view of the river which I must say is quite spectacular.  Chris is doing a sterling job of keeping up with me. He is driving about 600mtrs in from to me then walking back to meet me and then passing the car (together) for another 300-400 mtrs and then going back to the care a repeating the exercise, so he is getting his exercise too .

I haven’t mentioned the wild life before but we have seen many beautiful birds which are quite prolific around the river, a lot I don’t know and it makes me sad that I forget to bring my bird book, but maybe I will recognise a lot of them when I get back. ¬†I have seen a few rabbits quite a few kangaroos especially as road kill unfortunately, still want to see a wombat there are plenty of wombat holes around the place and around our camp we have plenty of possums = a little too friendly.

We got our car back today so it has been a very long day for us going sown to Adelaide again, so it is time for bed at 10.40pm,


Day 20

May 5th, (Thursday)    2016

Morgan to Murbko + 3km

175.5 + 18 = 193.5km

I am now back on the road and did Morgan to Murbko today, 18km in 4 hours with a couple of cool down breaks, it was 30 degrees on the road today, could have done with the cooler days when I was off.

Will try and get to Blanchetown tomorrow, but have to go back to Adelaide to return the hire car and pick up our car so am not sure how far we will get, it depends on what time we get up. The clock was two hours behind this morning, which we didn’t realize until we heard the time on the radio, So I didn’t get to start waking until mid-day because we had to drive 150km back to the starting place. ¬†There are som verylong boring stretches of road ahead of me.

Only have to go 130kms tomorrow.

One unfortunate event last night, or I should say this morning. ¬†Someone decided that at 1am ‘they’ would open our windows, I heard the zips and velcro being opened and saw legs at the bottom of the window, when I yelled out ‘they’ disappeared, Chris went out to inspect and re-closed the windows and all was well after that. ¬†Shook me up for a while.

Well time for a shower and to get to bed, we have a very early day tomorrow.

Day 19

May 4th (Wednesday)     2016

This morning we visited the RAA and arranged for a hire car, Returned Amelia’s car, picked up our things and headed to Mannum. ¬†We managed to get our tent up, cook dinner and fell into bed at about 8.30. ¬†Mannum has a lovely caravan Park right on the river complete with paddle boat, and plenty of wild life, the possums are so tame that they come to be petted and the ducks think they are invited to visit inside the tent.


Day 18


Spent the day sorting out insurance, buying new boots and generally having nice day with Emma who kindly ran me around for most of the day. Hire car and up to Mannum again tomorrow.

/day 17 continued

We eventually gave up on the tow service. An extremely kind man named Tony and his son Luke helped us out. Luke and his family towed the trailer to Mannum Carvan park for us and Tony lent Chris his truck to go into Mannum to get a car trailer, which Chris them took back to Nildotie (with me as well) and then after loading the car on the trailer, Tony drove us to Adelaide and helped unload the car at Paradise Motors carpark, where it stayed until morning. tony then drove all the way back to Nildotie.  How can you repay that kind of kindness?!

Three things we have learnt that day: 1) what happens when you put petrol in a diesel engine.  b) the only reliable phone coverage is Telstra ( we have  Vodafone!!) :  3) country people are jsut the most caring kindest people you can meet.

God bless you all.

Day 17

May 2nd (Monday)          2016

2pm about 30km from Mannum waiting for the tow truck. ¬†We were low on fuel, but the next town didn’t ¬†have a service station so someone sold us some diesel to get to Mannum but it was either dirty or petrol instead, either way the car died and we are now waiting to be towed to Mannum at teh cost of $200!!! :-(. ¬†Looks like I am going loose a couple of days while the car is fixed so will need to come back and do the “missing pieces” at a later date unless I can walk very fast!! ¬†This was not on the plan, we have learnt two things; country towns off the main route do not have fuel stations ¬†and no matterhow much fuel we have on board, always fill up when we get a chance to do so!!

In the meant time we sit and wait about 2 hours for the tow truck……….!!!

Days 14/15/16

Sunday May 1st  Renmark

19.9 Max  Low 10.5

The past 3 days have been filled with Rotary district 9520 Conference which was great. The dinner last night was really good fun, but the coming back to camp was not as we found that our tent had leaked and we spent an hour mopping up water before we could go to bed! It is lovely to see the rain in an area which is unusually fry this year, and hope there will be more of it just not too heavily while I am walking please. It is certainly better weather for walking now though and I start again on Tuesday as to morrow we move down to Mannum Caravan park for the next two weeks.

I will commence my next stage at the Murbko/Swan Reach turn off at Morgan at 10am Tuesday

We have really enjoyed our time up here and look forward to returning for some R&R in October when the Rose Festival will be on.

Thank you for following my progress

Day 13

April 28th 2016 Thursday                25degrees and light rain in the morning

Cadell to Morgan

165 + 11.5 = 176.5km

Today started out early too; we left camp in Berri by 7am and started walking by 8.40 and finished 11.5kms in 2 hours 20mins, (including numerous pee breaks!!) so I am really pleased with my times, as at times I was doing up to 5.5km/hour!

Morgan was my target for the end of this week and am glad I was able to do the five days straight in spite of the heat. ¬†Sadly I have now lost all my walking companions with Amelia going home this afternoon ūüôĀ it is much easier with another person chatting along side and helping me to keep going. ¬†I will look forward to having some family join me again over the next two weekends, it really makes this feel like a family affair.

I heard today that the Beyond Bank in Mt Barker would like to hold a BBQ and fundraiser for my cause, on Friday 13th of May. I have nominated 3pm as my arrival time that day so if you are in the area please come and join us.

If anyone from Beyond Bank are reading this I would like to say how much I appreciate your gesture. Thank you very much.

Today I received notification about a ‘You Tube” video, from Peter Titchener, of the launch of my walk in Renmark….was it really only two weeks ago?! ¬†have a look at it : ¬†.

Many thanks for that great effort Peter I love it.

The Rotary Club District 9520 Conference started tonight and on Monday we move camp, so I probably wont have much to write about between now and next Tuesday, just go back and fill in bits which I couldn’t think of while I have been feeling exhausted.

P.S The feet and legs are now getting used to walking and holding up well, but the shoes are wearing out much faster than I had anticipated ūüôĀ

Day 12

27th April 2016 Wednesday


17km from Cadell on the Cadell Valley Rd  to  Cadell       27Degrees 

148 + 17 = 164km

One more day (10km) to complete this weeks goal. Wow, when we drive  back to camp each day I find it hard to believe I have walked those roads.  I must say it is easier now that we have left the Sturt Highway and without all the fast traffic and the big transporters.

We set out really early today at 7am and where walking by 8am, the start today was and hour from camp. ¬†The weather today was not as hot a predicted and we had a light wind coming off the river which made it more pleasant for walking until mid-day, having completed 14km, and I must say I was feeling really tired by that time, not ¬†mention what my feet felt/feel like ūüôĀ

WE got to Caudo Winery at 9.30am (too early for tasting!) so after meeting Christine Caudo who was generous with a donation, and taking photos, we left to return on our way back to camp, which we did and left with some lovely wine. Thank you Christine.

Thank you to the lovely lady who stopped and asked if we are walking for a cause and handed over a donation, then the lovely lady in Cadell who saw us on the road the day before and was watching for us today to give a donation.  How wonderful are these people in an area which is doing it tough right now; you truly are a wonderful community.

Last I must mention the beautiful scenery we have had along the way as well as the unusual, like the ‘shoe’ tree, picture on Face Book.

I would like to write more but am not think too well = need sleep, so goodnight for now.

Day 11

26th April 2016 Tuesday

Waikerie 14 towards Cadell    30Degrees

131 + 17 = 148km

Today was very hot (30) so as I said yesterday we decided to leave early, but we didn’t make as early as we wanted ¬†but tomorrow we will get up even earlier and try again. We,being Amelia, Chris and I set out from Waikerie at 9am and head towards Cadell along the beautiful River but eventually the view disappeared and the rolling hills set the challenge ;_(

By about 12.15pm it became evident that it would be foolishness to keep going, so we found a good spot that we would remember and turned back to Waikerie where we had seen a Chocolate Cafe, the iced chocolate was the best we have ever had and we will definitely go back again tomorrow after we have done another 10-13km.  We plan to leave Berri even earlier and start at 8am to beat the heat.

I am too tired to think right now so will say good night and get to bed really early.  Thanks for following my progress.

Day 10

Anzac Day 2016 Monday      30 degrees

half way to Waikerie to Waikerie

115 + 16 = 131Km

We decided not to go to an Anzac dawn service as it was too far away from our camp and would have meant coming back here again to wait for the rest of the family.

We eventually set off from yesterdays end point at about 10.30am and arrived at Waikerie at at about 3pm, so taking out 1/2 an hour for lunch and other sundry rest stops, we made good time for our 16km in the heat today (29 degrees) with more heat tomorrow, but as it is only Amelia and myself walking as far as I know we will leave early and finish before it gets too hot. We will see how far we get in that time.

Tehya did really well today and even Justin decided to walk about 700mtr.

Tomorrow we start on the road to Morgan leaving the Information centre about 7.45 (hopefully).

Can’t think of much else just now so reserve the right to add to it later as I remember more.

Day 9

Banrock Station Entrance to half way to Waikerie   28 degrees

101 + 16 = 117km

Today I had two beautiful daughter with me and it made the day and distance go much more quickly.  We walked 16km in less than four hours and have the same distance to do tomorrow.

Emma and family arrived in Renmark yesterday and so she and I set off together, it was lovely to have that time with her away from children and other distractions, we were able to talk and ‘solve a lot of the worlds problems’! ¬† Amelia caught up with us at about 11.45 and did the rest of the walk with us, and it was lovely having my girls with me for support.

I have tied a red ribbon and poster to a sign post (for a T-Intersection) where we will leave together again tomorrow and get to Waikerie, hopefully before it gets too hot.

We had two families find us and stop to give a donation, one of them with a young lad named Matt who is eleven years old and has CF. Another family came looking for after hearing me on Australia All Over on ABC 891 this morning, how fantastic is that?

We ate dinner outside this evening and relaxed with a glass of red which I won at Rotary meeting, (was going to donate it to the Quiz night wine wall, but it would probably go off in the heat of the tent so we three shared it with a very interesting couple from Switzerland. Have to keep up the Aussie friendly spirit.

Well good night and see you again tomorrow.



Day 8

Days 8

Saturday was given over to doing house keeping duties i.e washing etc. and visiting a friend in Renmark. So nothing else to tell.

Day 7

Barmera to Banrock Station (Entrance)

83 + 118 = 101kms ¬†ūüôā

Well I have exceeded my goal for this week, so I am very happy. ¬†Many thanks to the wonderful people of Barmera for your generosity and hospitality. A special to the Barmera’s Bakery for your beautiful bread, as I said to you we will be back and I will send anyone I know to you.

The walk itself was very uneventful I was alone except for my driver so did some singing (?)practice, a few phone calls got lost a couple of times in that we didn’t know the road would finish in a dirt track, so had to back track a few times.

Managed to interrupt a weekly Friday afternoon cricket match at Kingston Estates Winery, some even knew who I was!!  Thank everyone for your generosity, too.

I will have a rest/housekeeping day tomorrow and then on Sunday leave from the Banrock Station Winery gates at 10am on Sunday corner of Sturt highway and Petersen Road Kingston-on-Murray and see how far we get.

The feet are doing very well as are my legs, but my back was a bit sore today.  Ah well! tomorrow is another day!!

Day 6

April 21 2016

Berri to Barmera

67 + 16 = 83 km done!

Today has been great, the weather was perfect and the company even better. Val and Graham Roberts who also have a grandchild with CF are on their way to Canberra for a holiday and decided to walk a day with me, and today was the day. It was lovely to have company it helped the kms go by faster and it was easier approaching people to ask for donations.  We did very well with well over $300 today! Chris is counting as we speak and maybe I can update the count before I close.  Thank you to Val and Graham for their company and the hospitality of their caravan for lunch, it was so much more pleasant and civilized than standing around the car.

We made good time considering we stopped so often and ended the trip with a very welcome nice cold beer in the Barmera Hotel = perfect!

To bed now and up early again for tomorrow which should see us in Cobdogla, Kingston-on Murray and Banrock station (turn off)

Goodnight and thanks for following me.

Day 4 and 5

April 19-20 2016


Spent the day ambling around town, organised publicity with the local radio (I hope) so I had better try to listen to that station!!!  Got up to 33 degrees and very sultry today, so glad I made the decision to not walk.

Met a wonderful older man (90) Keith Hendry, who is crossing Australia from Harvey Bay QLD to Perth to commemorate his Grandfather who was blind and started the RSB and SABCO in North Adelaide South Australia in the late 1800’s, so he is raising funds for the RSB (naturally). He has very generously given me a copy of his book which I am now into, and what an incredible man his Grandfather was. ¬†So watch out for him.

I stopped and talked to several other people and managed to convince them to part some dollars. Cheeky I know but that is what this is all about after all.  People in the caravan park here have been very generous, so thank you to you all.  That is all for today.



We have had a day off today which is just as well as it was 30 degrees today and tomorrow will be 31 degrees so I am forced to¬†¬†have two days off in a row, and Chris will be in Adelaide doing some work. ¬†Weather always was the unknown factor in this plan. ¬†But because of this ¬†I will have to walk more days straight after that to make up time, if the feet permit!! ¬†I hope they will improve as time goes by ūüôĀ



Day 3

April 18th 2016

Loxton to Berri   22km =67km

Well today was the first day I have walked alone,but no complaints because I was able to stop and start at my leisure and visit businesses and ask for donations, which was quite profitable, so thank you to all those who kindly fed my large tin can.  Chris did a wonderful job, keeping me safe and chatting on the CB radio.

On the down side I now have my first blister on my heel and very sore spots on other parts of my toes and feet (it had to happen eventually), so now have quite a collection of Blister Blockers, also my feet are very sore and I ache all over, but thanks to Emma’s advise and a very generous Angela Johns I am not as bad as I might have been. ¬†Emma advised me to get straight into the cold pool each day and that has really helped and tonight Angela invited us to her home in Kingston-on-Murray and gave me a wonderful massage. ¬†the generosity of the people in this area is amazing. ¬†Am looking forward to a day off tomorrow.

Day 2

17th April 2016

Berri to Loxton  22km = 45km

Another great day, we had nine wonderful walkers today Ayla (not sue of the spelling), her firend Chloe, her Dad Paul,  Mary, Abby, Emma, Tehya-Rose,Chris and myself who all made it to Loxton, and Angela for half the walk; Linda, Mum of  Kimberly and Julie could only manage a shorter walk because of other committements. Thank you to you all.   I am meeting some truly amazing and interesting people on this walk; Ayla has CF and started out wondering how far she could go today and finished with us in Loxton, well done Ayla you are fantastic. Tehya-Rose did a great job and I reckon she managed to walk about 10km off and on over the day, I am really proud of her. Luke and Justin with help from Tehya at rest times, did another sterling job with driving the support car, I think it must be very hard driving slowly and poor Justin having to sit still for most of the day, so many thanks to the great job they have done over the past two days.

We had a perfect day for walking today, not too hot, and made great time, I think it was close to 22kms in 4.5 hours plus about 45 mins for lunch. WE left from the Tourist Information Centre at 10:15am and arrived at Loxton at 3.30pm.  Got to talk on ABC 891 at 10:15 just as we were leaving.

I get to do it all over again and leave the Loxton Tourist Information centre at 10am tomorrow and head back to Berri.  I will have a rest day on Tuesday and Thursday and update the donations.

Thanks you for reading this.


…and so it has begun

April 16th 2016           WE DID!!!

Renmark to Berri 23km

we survived the first day. Renmark to Berri in 5 hours less a half for lunch, so that was an average of about 4.5 to 5 km/hour, and now I have found muscle I¬†forgotten I had!! ūüėČ

What a great send of we had this morning with Pancakes supplied by the Rotary Club of Renmark and what great pancakes the where, ¬†many, many thanks to you all …… and then some of them walked!

Nicky from CFSA and her lovely husband Peter where there to do the ‘launch’ speech and send me on the way as well as promotion about CF. ¬†Many thanks to you two for coming all this way and back again for the event.

Tash from Riverview Cafe who has been working really hard to promote my walk and then so very encouraging and supportive, I love you Tash you are a very special person, and I hope you get many more customers from this too, you deserve nothing but the best.

I didn’t get an accurate count of all those who set out with me, I just know that the Happy Wanderers forged ahead and soon lost us. There was Deanna (hope I have spelt it correctly) from the ABC Renmark who interviewed Tehya and myself on Thursday and broadcast it on Friday morning, there where about 6-8 others who’s names I don’t know, many thanks for your support and company along the way, and to the 4 people who did make it all the way many thanks to you too and I hope you don’t suffer too much tomorrow.

Finally I save the best ’till last ‘ my wonderful family¬†I couldn’t have done the first part without your help and support, it was so great to have you go the whole way with me, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and your wonderful support I love you all so very much, Chris, Emma and Amelia not to forget my two wonderful sons-in-law, Jarrod walking and Luke driving the backup car and last but by no means least Tehya-Rose who managed 4km and the navigating and Justin who helped with the truck counting and waves!!! ¬†Love ¬†and my sincerest thanks.

……and some of us get to do it all again tomorrow. Leaving Berri information centre/Riverbend Cafe at 10am for Loxton.

The Final Countdown!!!

Base camp established and counting down…… it too late to change my mind?? ¬†ūüėČ

10am tomorrow and there are so many people to thank but right now that will have to wait and I will do a better job of it at the end, but in the mean time you all know who you are please accept my interim thanks for now. Tehya and I have been on radio today, heard the promo announced on the morning news services even!!!!

I hope you are all fit an ready to walk, I think I am going to be pushed to keep up with the wonderful Renmark Paringa Happy Walkers, not to mention all the other people.  I am looking forward to meeting you all.  See you in the morning.  love Susan

Thurs April 13

Wow! Thank you to all who have donated so far, I haven’t even started my walk and here I am at over $4,000!!
The van is half packed and we head up to Berri tomorrow morning and I have an interview with ABC Renmark at 1pm so the word is getting out there thanks to you al, please just help me keep the momentum going for the next 5 weeks.

April 10th 2016

Sunday March 10th
Less that a week now and all is going to plan, I now just want to get started. Please, if you are on Face Book find my page and share it around to as many people as you can. I can do the walk but I need your help get the donations/support.
Many thanks to all the kind people who added to the collection donation tin at the RC Magill sunrise market this morning, your generosity has been very much appreciated and will really help to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.


In regard to all donations, receipts will be issued by CFSA in time for your tax return, but we do need an address for it to get to you. If you donate through Everyday Heroes you will be issued with a receipt at that time. Many thanks for the donations I have received to date the bank balance is now at $3,191

March 30th

17 days to go. We have all we need for the walk now and just have to get it all packed into the trailer….wonder if it will all fit?? For those who will be walking with me we will have the opportunity to make hot drinks along the way if needed, I personally will welcome hot soup for lunch!!

Sponsorship pages are now available for you to down load as a time line of my walk for each week, I plan to have a couple of days to recover in the middle of each week with the exception of the second weekend when we will be at the Rotary conference in Renmark.

March 15th

COUNT DOWN IS HERE, 33 days until I set off!!! Getting all our camp gear sorted out and I need to get all my footwear sorted this week! Have been told about some special socks and have some others to try too, just need sponsorship with some shoes, get a couple of ‘high vis’ vests and the ‘Support Vehicle’ Notice for the car and all should be well. Pick up the advertising magnets for the sides of the car tomorrow morning.

March 12th

Just 5 weeks until launch day, and I have several people offering to walk with me, The happy Wanderers Heart Walking Group in Renmark will be joining me for the first arm from Renmark to Berri, they sound like a very active group.

I launch form the River Front next to the Information Centre and will set out at 10am, and the Renmark Rotary club are going to do a breakfast sausage sizzle for us.

Countdown starts Today 15-12-2015

As of December 15th 2015, there are just 122 days until I start my walk.
Many thanks to Tehya-Rose’s year three teacher for her very generous donation
and all the people who have supported the raffle and markets this year, we now have $853 is the bank.

Please make sure you tell as many people as your can about this cause as I would really like to make the $10,000 target I have set.

My Journey

To the left you will see a map of the path I intend to walk to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. I will update this feed with my experiences as I progress through this walk.